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What is Parametrix?

Parametrix is the software developed by Donatoni dedicated to the programming and management of machining operations performed with CNC bridge saws, cutting lines, and cutting and shaping centres.

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What is D-MES?

The first software platform designed exclusively for the stone industry.
Model Disc (mm) Z Axis (mm)
Model Disc (mm) Z Axis (mm)
Model Interpolated axes Z Axis (mm)
Model No. tool pos. Z Axis (mm)
Model ISO connection Power
Model Disc (mm) Z Axis (mm)
Model Interpolated axes Z Axis (mm)
Model Interpolated axes Z Axis (mm)


Technologies are changing at a rapid pace: CNC, robots and software are more and more sophisticated and commonly used. Donatoni Academy can help you keep up with the market requirements thanks to its online and in-classroom courses, workshops and collaborations with schools and universities.

Our target is to give students, workers, and professionals in our territory an opportunity to get specialized and qualified. We do believe that training is key to the growth of companies. This is why we have invested in a project that focuses on our Digital Suite software and will offer companies some tools to improve their processes and their competitiveness.

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Donatoni Academy supports the marble industry with technical and hands-on training courses, conferences, events, and initiatives intended for companies and industry operators to develop both their skills and know-how. Our training courses are also addressed to students who wish to enhance their knowledge and to workers who wish to get a new qualification.

«Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.»

Henry Ford

Why did we decide to open the Donatoni Academy?

To provide technical skills

To support the marble industry

To offer qualified training

To foster culture both inside and outside our industry

To grow cooperation with our stakeholders

To offer companies added value

To make companies we work with more competitive

To collaborate with an increasing number of schools and universities

To implement collaborations with new partners

To match labour demand and supply

About us

Our collaboration with qualified teachers and trainers is key to developing technical courses that offer easy-to-understand information and are aligned with the actual industry needs. The expertise our trainers have acquired over the years is essential in order to be able to provide the right tools to deal with the job and its difficulties in the right way.

Our addressees

The services of the Donatoni Academy are addressed to the companies of the stone industry wishing to train, hone or expand the skills of their operators. Our courses are also addressed to students and to anyone who is willing to refresh and expand their competences.

Training course location

Courses are held both in the classroom – at the premises of Donatoni Macchine – and remotely. Three training rooms for theoretical classes and one showroom for hands-on sessions with 5 machines: a robot, two bridge saws (one for marble and one for ceramics), a combo machine, and a machining centre, which are all operational for tests and hands-on activities. Visit our showroom

Training course modules

Each training course includes a hands-on module during which the trainees put in practice the skills they have learned and hone them through hands-on exercises. Theory is not the end of it all: the trainees also get their hands dirty.

Online training courses: Get your training when and where you wish, and take our online tests.

Qualified trainers

Our trainers are also skilled professionals in their industry. We connect companies to the best talents.

Workshop: We help young people get familiar with robots, automation, and engineering.

Expertise and innovation

Our expertise comes from experience: we have been working in the industry of stone processing machinery for over 60 years now. We have several patents registered under our name and we invest a remarkable portion of our turnover in research and development.

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Donatoni Academy training courses


This training course is addressed to stone operators who are willing to get updated and keep up with the new CNC technologies, and to anyone longing for a new qualification to start a new career. The training course starts from the basics of 2D design and is aimed at developing machine programming skills.


This qualification course for CNC technicians is a specific training course for operators of numeric control machines which are used to process marble, granite, ceramics, and generally stone. The Donatoni Academy is committed to providing trainees all necessary knowledge required for them to become CNC machine operators, a role whose demand on the market has been on the rise.


The Rhinoceros course, either base or advanced, is addressed to anyone willing to learn 2D and 3D modelling. The course has a double purpose, i.e. to teach the trainees the basics of modelling and to make them independent in design.


It is a specific refresher course on the advanced functionalities of the Parametrix software and is geared towards operators who want to deepen their use of the software. In fact, the software installed in the machine has a wide range of possibilities and nuances whose usefulness and scope are not always grasped by the user.

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