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What is Parametrix?

Parametrix is the software developed by Donatoni dedicated to the programming and management of machining operations performed with CNC bridge saws, cutting lines, and cutting and shaping centres.

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What is D-MES?

The first software platform designed exclusively for the stone industry.
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Model Disc (mm) Z Axis (mm)
Model Interpolated axes Z Axis (mm)
Model No. tool pos. Z Axis (mm)
Model ISO connection Power
Model Disc (mm) Z Axis (mm)
Model Interpolated axes Z Axis (mm)
Model Interpolated axes Z Axis (mm)


Our solution for improving your performances.

Production process automation means listening to, designing, and promoting a lean manufacturing logic in order to meet any demand with integrated and fully customised solutions.

Why is automation so necessary now?

Because in a truly smart factory production can be monitored, waste reduced, and productivity increased.

Increased automation means enhanced efficiency.

The operator becomes the supervisor of a production process that is supported by self-sufficient and automated systems.

How do we convert your production system?

We do so by digitalizing operations such as lifting, piece movement, and palletizing, or by managing the operating flows among machines using a system that schedules work order production in the different departments.

The Donatoni software can be used to schedule the machining processes directly from your desk, to check work order progress, and to plan maintenance operations so as to minimise machine downtime.

Our solutions

Data digitization
with D-MES

DONATONI MES is the first MES system designed and developed exclusively for the marble industry.

It is a specific and comprehensive MES (Manufacturing Execution System) capable of best supporting the growth of your company.

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Automated systems


Over the years, Donatoni has conceived and developed a range of systems and solutions to automate the production processes of our clients.

Some examples of our automation solutions include:

  • Loading systems
  • Piece handling
  • Quality control
  • Drying system
  • Glue application
  • Cutting waste disposal
  • Marking and labeling

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Evolve your business with Donatoni

Ours is a vertical approach that focuses on the industry of natural and artificial stone, and ceramics.

We believe in the future of automation, because a company competitiveness comes from its ability to innovate and improve its production processes.

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Production digitization

Increased competitiveness

Reduced waste

Process optimisation

Consistent work quality

Increased safety

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