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What is Parametrix?

Parametrix is the software developed by Donatoni dedicated to the programming and management of machining operations performed with CNC bridge saws, cutting lines, and cutting and shaping centres.

Our on-board machine softwares

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What is D-MES?

The first software platform designed exclusively for the stone industry.
Model Disc (mm) Z Axis (mm)
Model Disc (mm) Z Axis (mm)
Model Interpolated axes Z Axis (mm)
Model No. tool pos. Z Axis (mm)
Model ISO connection Power
Model Disc (mm) Z Axis (mm)
Model Interpolated axes Z Axis (mm)
Model Interpolated axes Z Axis (mm)

Contact channels

We offer you a wide range of channels to contact Donatoni whenever you need something specific.

Telephone and email support

Our telephone support department is ready to help you with anything concerning machine functionality. Any request we receive generates a ticket, which we use to keep track of and manage your request in the best way possible and in just one day.

Should you need help outside the specified working hours, we have set up an automatic answering system which generates a ticket; all you have to do is leave a voice message (24/7 service).

Check times by time zone

Telephone support is operational Monday through Friday, from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm, and on Saturday, from 8.00 am to 12.00 am (UTC +1 CET – Central European Time).

Tel +39 045 6862899

Donatoni After-Sales Service is also available via email at the following addresses.

Service /

Spare parts /

Online support

Online support allows our technicians to find a quick, effective solution to any malfunction, which can be diagnosed and corrected remotely in real time.

What is online support?

Online support is conceived for accurate identification of potential problems in order to find a solution in the shortest time possible. This helps reduce the machine downtimes and, consequently, the resulting costs.

When handling requests for machine and software assistance, our technicians access your devices remotely, no matter whether installed on the machine or in an office.

Spare parts are delivered to solve mechanical criticalities and, where needed, one of our technicians visits the factory to provide on-site support.

What are the benefits?

Direct detection of potential malfunctions on the machine

Clear and accurate information on how to solve each and every problem

Real-time bug resolution

Reduced machine downtimes

Contained costs

Quick connection via network

Service App

Real-time support is further enhanced by augmented reality which helps us understand the condition of machinery in the live context, thanks to photographs and videos we receive directly from customers. With this approach, customers can share problems with our technicians and receive step-by-step guidance to solve them.

After downloading the App onto your smartphone and/or tablet, you will be able to use your device to report your problem to our technicians who, in turn, will directly assist you in performing maintenance. Exactly as if they were there by your side.

Troubleshooting instructions

Take a photo

Take a photo of the area you need support for.

Solve the problem

Install a spare part following the instructions given by our technicians in real time.

What are the benefits?

Clear and straightforward communication, without language barriers

Easy and effective understanding of the problem

Instructions, images and videos received in real time

Problem solution in just a few steps

QR Code

Each Donatoni machine is equipped with a QR code. Frame the QR code using the smartphone camera to access a live chat with our technicians.

The QR code also gives access to a whole set of documents that offer a more comprehensive overview on your machine.



The D-Portal platform helps customers perform routine maintenance in an easy and clear manner. It is the repository of the full documentation pertaining to Donatoni machines and lists the channels available to get in contact with our After-Sales Service department.

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